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10 March 5, 2014 : The Herald : Everett Home & Garden Show

At Spaces, landscaping

is all in the family

       By Ralejean Hasenoehrl

                For The Herald

    When you check out Daniel Mencucci’s landscaping website, you’ll notice something pretty rare in this age of digital design: a hand-drawn home page.

    You see, he’d rather have his hands wrapped around earth than settled on a keyboard. In fact, he doesn’t even own a computer.

    But he also knows people like to browse through a website before they contact a company, so he had a neighbor design his website. Using artwork he created several years ago and photos of projects that brought beauty and vitality to clients’ yards, the website mingles traditional with digital – a perfect compromise for an old-fashioned guy living in a techy world.

    As the owner of Spaces, LLC, a family landscape design and landscape construction company, Mencucci continues to draw the layouts for his designs by hand, just like he learned years ago in his landscape architecture classes.

    “There’s something magical about taking out a notebook and pencil and drawing something special,“ he said. “When I go to soeone’s site and draw out ideas, it’s fun. And you can’t do that on a computer if it’s raining.”

    Mencucci has made a name for himself designing captivating landscapes with a strong sense of purpose.

    More than ever, he is helping people incorporate food gardening into their landscapes to help them become more self-reliant.

    Blueberries, huckleberries, peach trees – all can be utilized in his designs to create an eye-catching display of texture and color.

    Often times, plants used in a client’s yard are grown at the Mencucci family’s nursery and farm.

    The family of four lives on four acres where they grow all their own food and favorite nursery plants.

    “It’s a family affair,” he said. “My wife Sierra plants all the food, harvests and cans the food, milks the cow, makes cheese and home schools our children.”

   She also helps with some of the landscape designs and has been known to show up on the job site to help lay patio stone.

   Whether he’s working at his own home or landscaping for a client, Mencucci creates an ecosystem around the plantings that allows plants to thrive and maintenance to be kept at a minimum.

    Within each ecosystem, he creates diversity that provides a symbiotic relationship with the

birds, bees, butterflies and some of the neighborhood wildlife.

    As a designer, he’s also in tune with the microclimates of the Northwest, as well as the microclimates found within a single yard. Utilizing those microclimates enable him to create lush landscapes filled with color year round.

     “People call us looking for something different.” He said, “and that’s what we deliver.”

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